Model Engineering


Model Engineering is fascinating hobby open to men and women of all ages. Its main function is to foster an appreciation and continue the knowledge of machinery, transport and equipment from the industrial revolution to the present day (and even beyond). This is achieved, by recreating in miniature, a working (or non-working) model of any kind of machinery or transport item that takes your fancy, be it steam powered, internal combustion or the like.
Many model engineers throughout Australia (and indeed the world) promote and encourage this hobby, by combining not only a love of Locomotion and Railway's in general, but the engineering side of these wonderful machines. Bringing together people with common interests and fostering family participation.
Many other industrial and transport items are included: marine applications, stationary engines, traction and other road vehicles to name just a few. Experimental engineering is also encouraged. Model engineers are often lending help, support and guidance, encouraging the younger members of our community to become involved and gain a sense of achievement and fellowship.
Model engineering appeals to all age groups and all sections of the community. While it is not necessary to belong to a model engineering society, indeed, some may find the distance barrier a problem! Being a member of a model engineering society gives you the opportunity to participate as a member of a close fraternity that is keen to assist anyone as required.



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