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I've always had a fascination for railways. Large-scale model locomotives are, for me, a natural progression from the days of what I call the "electric mice"! Although I still run my small scale equipment from time to time for a change of pace.

Like most model engineers, I find it difficult to stick with the same project for too long. A 5" gauge locomotive can take 2000 to 3000 hours, or even more for the ambitious projects! It's good too have something else going to provide a relief once in a while. My first completed locomotive, "Perserverance" took too long! Although I spent the 2000 hours, it was spread over thirteen years... hence the name.

Locomotive number 1 - "Perserverance"

Based on a 1912 vintage 2ft gauge French designed 0-4-0T from the Decauville works. Several cosmetic changes have been made to the model to give it an indvidual flavour.

Gauge: 5".
Scale: 2-1/2" = 1 foot.
Cylinders: 1-5/8" bore x 2" stroke.
Valve gear: Hackworth.
Tractive Force: 119 lbs.
Boiler: Steel Briggs type, 6"nb tube operating at 700 kPa (100psi)

new loco pic

October 1989 and 0-4-0T "Perserverance" rolls out of the workshop for the first time. This "builder's photo" was taken just before the locomotive was loaded onto the trailer to be taken for its first steam test.

The locomotive in operation at West Ryde NSW. It takes a "human" element to provide a visual guide to the size of the model!
Photo: Warwick Allison

Locomotive number 2 - 42218

This was a slightly different project, because I was part of a team (Myself, Barry Glover, Neil Graham and Neville Levin). The locomotive was 42218; a battery-electric model of a NSWSRA locomotive on 5" gauge to 1-1/8" to the foot scale, for a construction series in the Australian Model Engineering Magazine. I was responsible for the chassis and chain drive mechanism. The end result of the team effort was a delightful model and a successful project for the magazine.

42218 pic

The completed 42218

Locomotive number 3 - "Tich"

Unfortunately I don't have a photo of number 3 as yet. I was at one of the Australian Association of Live Steamers Conventions where it was necessary to fly to the location because of distance and time constraints. This meant I was without a locomotive. When I returned home, I thought one of the basic locos might be a good project that could be taken on a plane as cabin baggage for just such an occasion. So I started working on a 3-1/2" gauge 0-4-0 locomotive called "Tich". I am up to the rolling chassis stage, but I'm not sure if it will get past this point for some time as the need for a "portable loco" is no longer present.

Locomotive number 4 - SR&RL No.23

This is a project in the embryonic stage. However, unlike the "Tich", there is a need for a larger locomotive that can comfortably handle a fully loaded 6-car passenger train that my club thrives on. The following Baldwin Locomotive Works photo will give you an idea of what I'm proposing to build for 5" gauge at 2-1/2" to the foot scale. It's a Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Locomotive 2-6-2 Number 23.

Loco 23  pic


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