Maine Two Footers / My Source of Inspiration


My fascination for the Maine two-footers began in the mid seventies when I became the proud owner of a book entitled The Maine Scenic Route by H.Temple Crittenden. The author captures the spirit of the fight that went into the formation and survival of a narrow gauge railroad that proved beyond doubt that it wasn't a toy. It describes scenes like the tale of Fred Leavett and loco No.20 how they left the track without knowing it and bucked snow for a half an hour out in a field before they discovered (when they got out to shovel) that they no longer had rail under them! It was a tough little railroad where the employees and equipment often worked under very difficult conditions.
The book has a dedication that simply reads: "To the memory of the men who kept the wheels rolling on the Sandy River Line". I was filled with admiration for the railroad as well as for those who kept it going. I decided to continue the sentiment of the dedication and consolidate my railroad modelling efforts around the Maine Narrow Gauge equipment.


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