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Despite my long history as a model maker in HO, N and 5" gauges, I am basically a raw beginner at SM32 modelling. It makes a change from the 5" gauge equipment I am working on because it is possible to model a whole scene as well as the equipment, and yet remain Live Steam powered.

SM32 means that the scale is Sixteen millimeters to the foot and the tracks are 32 mm gauge, which is an ideal size for the 2-foot gauge Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes models I'm building. G gauge or Gauge 1 operate on 45mm gauge track. There are many scales for 45mm track gauge and a visit to the Large Scale Central site may help you sort out which is which (see link below).
32mm gauge is the same as "O" gauge (1-1/4") which is currently enjoying a revival.

Rolling Stock
I have scratch-built a Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes box car No.56 and I am in the final stages of building an SR&RL caboose No.557 from a kit purchased from Northeast Narrow Gauge of Wiscasset in Maine. I have made preparations for a passenger car (the SR&RL Parlor car), a combine, and a dozen flat cars. While building the box car I made up enough body components to build four more.


SRRL 557

SR&RL Boxcar 56

SR&RL Caboose 557

I am still partway through building a R/C live steam model of a Philladelphia 0-4-2 kit purchased from Argyle Locomotive Works in Victoria. This may be followed by a scratchbuilt R/C live steam SR&RL No.23. 2-6-2.

Track visit
Saturday 28 Oct. 2000

RitG outing pictures

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Garden Railroading Suppliers in Australia:

Argyle Locomotive Works

For more information about SM32 modelling:

16mm Narrow Gauge Modellers

 Andrew's Garden Railroad - An interesting site about garden railroading in 16mm scale.

For more information about Gauge 1 or G gauge:

NorthEast Narrowgauge - Great timber & metal kits from Maine USA


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