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Kennebec Central Railroad No.3

No.3 was four or five tons heavier than the KC engines had been, it weighed 18 tons. The load limit for axle weight on the 25lb rail, according to formula was 12000 lbs. That was almost exactly the driver axle weight of the 10 ton Portland Forney. It would be harder on the track than numbers 1 and 2 had been, but the little road couldn't afford a new engine right then, and those standard Forneys were the only thing on the used engine market at the time. None of the KC legends include any gripes about No.3 being a track smasher.

Built: 1892
Cylinders: 9-7/8" x 14"
Driving wheels: 33"
Total weight: 38000 lbs
Disposal: To WW&F in 1933. Scrapped 1941/42

Photo: Gary Kohler collection

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