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Kennebec Central Railroad No.1

Unfortunately I don't have any information on locomotive No.1 other than its name: "Volunteer". So I'll share with you a paragraph from Linwood Moody about the line itself.
The Kennebec Central ran from Randolph Maine, on the Kennebec River opposite the city of Gardiner, to the National Soldier's Home at Togus, five miles. The Home was its only reason for being there. Sundays and on certain holidays, the Home was open to visitors. It must have been hell for the old Civil War soldiers. Hundreds and hundreds of folks flocked in there. The spacious grounds, speckled with cannon from half a dozen wars, teemed with the crowd that came to hear the band concerts and see the Sunday ballgame.

Built: 1890
Cylinders: 9" x 14"
Driving wheels: 30"
Total weight: 32000 lbs
Disposal: Scrapped about 1922

Photo: Gary Kohler collection

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