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Franklin & Megantic RR Locomotive No.2

S.W. Sargent

FM Loco No.2

The second F & M locomotive, S.W. Sargent, was named after a gentleman of position. The Sargent was the first of a long line of 2ft gauge Baldwins that inhabited the State of Maine.
No2. was the first to be fitted with outside frames and cranks. This innovation, frames and supports outside the driving wheels, made the narrow gauge engines steadier and less likely to oscillate.
When No.2, like No.1, went to the SR&RL in 1908 it also became one of the first four SR&RL locomotives but again, no record exists that states which of the four it became.

Built: 1886
Cylinders: 9" x 14":
Driving wheels: 30"
Total weight: 32,000 lbs
Disposal: To SR&RL in 1908.
Scrapped: 1915-20 (approx)

Photo: Gary Kohler collection


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