Garden Railroading / Boxcar No.56


This boxcar is based on a car built in 1886 by William Dyer for the Sandy River Railroad. The car was one of several of similar design built by Dyer and is typical of the early equipment used by the SRRR. Most of the cars of this type survived well into the twentieth century, being relettered for service on the Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes RR. after the amalgamation. Unfortunately, No.56 was one of many scrapped before the census took place in the 1920s and doesn't appear on the list.

Boxcar 56 - side view

Boxcar 56 - end view

My first attempt at scratch-building in 16mm scale - Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Boxcar #56. The doors on both sides of the car actually slide open, to allow scale freight to be carried. The brakeman is a Bachman G scale figure.

This end view shows the narrowness of the track compared to the width of the car body which is typical of the Maine two-footers.

Box car 56 - underside view

Here's a look at the "workings" underneath. The brake cylinder and air tank were machined from brass. All the brake rigging operates, but is fixed into position. The floorboards in the car are individual planks.

Model Dimensions: Length = 392mm, Width = 105mm, Height = 135mm


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